Friday, January 18, 2008

A Word from an "Oldster"

It isn't that I can't use some accountability, is always the case with youth...., you are making this more complicated than need be. Writing takes up a lot of time! In the time you post more than 3 sentences, you could get an entire kitchen clean...well, if it isn't too bad.

May I make a suggestion? Choose just one goal....only one. See yourself as already having accomplished it.
If you have already read The Secret, you need to read it AGAIN. Don't care so much what others, like the FlyLady, say. Above all, don't confuse reading and talking with DOING.

Lastly, and of course I didn't mean 'don't pay attention to ME!' :-) There are reasons upon reasons why someone does anything other than what they really want to. The most common one is the subconscious having different
ideas than you conscious mind.

Mai-Liis, who has found herself, joy and peace the missing link my art and teaching

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